Mission Statement

I guess the best way to start any business/blog is to tell everyone your intentions, and for me that’s pretty simple. I am here to answer the age old question if it’s actually possible to beat the bookies.

Now, I don’t mean with a fluke 20 team accumulator that you read about online, where someone wins £50,000 off a £1 stake. I’m talking about consistent long term profits.

How am I going to do this I hear you cry. Well, I will be following a select group of tipsters over the next 12 months. This tipsters have been hand picked by myself based upon very specific criteria which involves:

  • A relatively low volume of selections (most people don’t have the time to place 20/30 selections a day, especially when working a regular 9 to 5 job)
  • A minimum of 12 months results (and I’m talking about detailed results, containing a full breakdown of each and every selection)
  • They must be affordable (it’s all well and good claiming massive profits, but if the service costs thousands per year to subscribe, imagine how much you’ll have to stake per selection)
  • Plenty of time to place your bets (emailing a client 5 minutes before kick-off isn’t exactly practical)

I will be starting with a bankroll of £10,000. Now I know this may seem like a lot to some, and small to others, but I thought this would be a reasonable amount to demonstrate bankroll management, and diversifying your betting portfolio (both things I will explain in more detail as we go through this journey).

Through various social media outlets I will be posting my bets and results, whilst also showing you some of the underhand tactics that the bookmakers use when you show that you may actually take some money from them.

All in all this blog is designed to be a mixture of fun and facts, I will try to keep it as light-hearted as I can, whilst hopefully helping some of you to improve your betting nowse along the way.

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