Who am I? In short I’m just your average guy. I work a regular Monday to Friday (sometimes Saturday) job. Living in a normal 3 bed house with my wife and cat.

The less average part is my commitment to betting. I have been betting/investing/gambling whatever word you wish to use, for over 16 years. Starting with a world cup sweepstake I ran at school to the semi professional bettor I am today.

There has been several ups and downs, and countless lessons learnt along the way, which I can hopefully teach some of you before they cost you any of your precious money.

In 2018 I had my best winning run (just over £20,000 in 9 months) and my worst losing streak, losing nearly £6,000 in just 3 days, I know…. big ouch!!

After seeing both sides of the coin I decided that I wanted to help as many people as possible to understand just what it’s like in the fight against the bookies.

Now lets get one thing straight. I am not a tipster, I repeat, I am not a tipster. Don’t get me wrong I do place my own selections through rigorous research, but in the main this website will focus on following a selection of the best tipsters on the web.

I will not be mentioning the names of any of the services for at least 12 months, just to show that I am not affiliated in any way to these services. For the purposes of this website they will be call ‘Football Service A’, ‘Horse Racing Service B’, etc.

You can follow my progress on all major social media outlets:

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