Know A Tipster?

Do you know a tipster who you think could be a nice addition to my betting portfolio, or are you a tipster who knows his stuff?

Then simply fill out the form below. But before you do, do they/you tick the following requirements:

  • A low volume of selections – At most 5 to 10 selections a day
  • A minimum of 12 months itemised results – Any tipster worth his salt will always a full breakdown of their results.
  • Is the service affordable, or even better, is it free – Maximum cost of £500 per year.
  • Time to place your bets – Do they send out their selections at least 4 hour prior to the event taking place, ideally the day before.

I will try and respond to emails as quickly as I can, but I do not promise any sort of publicity for a minimum of 12 months, whilst the service proves it legitimacy.